Services for Federal Employees

A Federal career offers uniquely valuable benefits and our team of Federal Benefits Consultants can help you maximize those benefits.

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Services for Federal Employees

Welcome to Elite Financial Group Federal Page!

Our Federal specialists undergo rigorous training in the Federal Benefit Structure and exclusively serve the regions Federal Employee community.

All of our federal benefits specialists are Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants, ChFEBC.

A federal career offers uniquely valuable benefits and our team of Federal Benefits Consultants can help you maximize those benefits.

Our Federal Benefits Consultants will provide a complete understanding of your benefits and show you how to coordinate the following:



Retirement benefits defined and explained by one of our Federal Benefits Consultants.

Reviewing your pension income during retirement.

Helping you decide if the SBP (Survivor Benefit Pension) is right for you.


Thrift Savings Plan

Reviewing your current allocations and assessing your risk tolerance.

Explaining the different funds available to you within the TSP.

Maximizing your potential within your TSP in coordination with your other investments.



Reviewing your current benefits in detail.

Discussing the suppemental benefits that are available and the cost associated.

Reviewing any personal policies you may have and comparing them to your benefits at work.



Reviewing the basic government disability package and helping you decide if supplemental coverage is nesessary.

Reviewing any personal disability policies you may have and comparing them to the governments plan.

Explaining how SS Disability income can affect any disability income you may receive.


Long Term Care

Reviewing the plans available through the government and determining what plan is right for you.

Your Most Trusted Advisor

Our comprehensive planning takes place in three steps:


Present Plan Analysis

First is present plan analysis. Understanding what you have in place and how you have made financial decisions in the past.


Second, we educate you about what opportunities are available and carefully scrutinize the different options and weigh their outcomes on our financial model.

Implement Plan

And lastly, we implement the plan that most effectively grows your wealth, minimizes risks, and allows us to distribute the maximum amount of net dollars to you, your family, and to charities. All of our planning decisions will be mathematically verifiable as the correct course of action and will remain flexible to adapt to tax law changes, market volatility, or other variable conditions.

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